How to change an Amazon password?

Once you’ve registered a Amazon account, your password account will remain the same, unless you change it manually.

If you want to modify your Amazon password using a desktop computer, follow along below.

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 1  Log in

using the green button below and entering your email address and password.

Open PayPal sign in page >

change amazon password 1


 2  Your account

Is the link you find under “Hello, your name”

change amazon password 2


 3  Change account settings

is a link you will see when you scroll down on the Your account page.

change amazon password 3


 4  Edit

your password by clicking on the button as showed in the demo below.

change amazon password 4


 5  Type the new password

that you want 2 times and click on the Save changes button.

change amazon password 5


 ✓  Result

Once you’ve clicked now, your password will be modified immediately.

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