How to change a Nimbuzz password?

To ensure the safety of your Nimbuzz account, it’s recommended to modify your password from time to time.

Below we’ll show you how we modified our Nimbuzz password using the Nimbuzz app for iPhone.

 1  Open the Nimbuzz app

and select More in the menu below.

nimbuzz change password 1

 2  Choose Settings

in the menu you’ll see appear.

nimbuzz change password 2

 3  My Nimbuzz Account

nimbuzz change password 3

 4  Select “Password”

nimbuzz change password 4

 5  Enter your current password

and 2 times the new password that you want.

Click on Save when you’re done.

nimbuzz change password 5

 ✓  Result

You have now modified the password of your account.


Source screenshots (& thanks to): Nimbuzz app for iPhone

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