Forgot my Groupon password, now what?

Did you lose your Groupon password? We’ll show you below how to get it back in 6 steps.

This is how I’ve reset my password on a desktop computer:

 1  Go the Groupon recover page

by opening

forgot groupon password 1

 2  Enter your e-mail address

and choose “Submit”.

forgot groupon password 2

 3  Confirmation

that password reset instructions have been emailed to your email address (It may take a few minutes).

forgot groupon password 3

 4  Groupon password Reset Request

is the name of the email you’ll receive now from Groupon. Open it.

forgot groupon password 4

 5  Click on the Reset password button in the mail

forgot groupon password 5

 6  Enter a new password (x2)

and click on Update.

forgot groupon password 6

 ✓  Result

You have successfully picked a new password.


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