How to change BBM password if you forgot it?

If you forgot your BlackyBerry Messenger password, you’ll find these instructions helpfull to modify it again:

 1  Open BBM app > More

is the option you select in the menu below.

forgot bbm password 1


 2  Settings

is what you choose in the menu that pops up.

forgot bbm password 2


 3  Blackberry ID

is what you choose when you arrive in the BBM Settings.

forgot bbm password 3


 4  Forgot password?

is a link that you’ll see now in the login screen.

forgot bbm password 4


 5  Enter the Blackberry ID Username

and the verification code shown in the image. Select Submit afterwards.

forgot bbm password 5


 6  Confirmation

that an email was sent with instructions to reset your password.

forgot bbm password 6


 7  Log in to your email

to open the email you’ve just received.

forgot bbm password 7


 8  How to change your Blackberry ID password

is the title of the mail you will receive now. Click on the Change your Blackberry ID password in the email.

Important: If you didn’t receive this mail, don’t forget to check your junk/spam folder (or restart the procedure from step 1 if you can’t find it)

forgot bbm password 8


 9  Pick a new password

Enter the new password that you want 2 times. Click on Submit when you’re done.

forgot bbm password 9


 ✓  Result

You are automatically logged in again. You have now reset your password and recovered your account.

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