Forgot my Hotmail ( password, now what?

Let’s say that I forgot or lost my Hotmail password, what can I do then to recover my password and regain access to my account?

Follow along below if you want to reset your password.

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 1  Can’t access your account?

Go to and when you’re in the login screen, but you don’t know your password, click on “Can’t access your account?”.

forgot hotmail password 1


 2  I forgot my password

Indicate the first option (= I forgot my password) and click on Next.

forgot hotmail password 2


 3  Email address

Fill in your email address and  the captcha that you see (to prove that you’re not a spambot) and choose Next again.

forgot hotmail password 3


 4  Recovery methods

Now we see 4 recovery methods displayed to reset the password:

  • A mail to your recovery email address > We choose this option in the demo.
  • A text message to your mobile phone with a code
  • A phone call to your mobile phone with a code
  • The fourth option is an emergency option by which you need to identify yourself towards the Microsoft team (in case you don’t have access to your email and/or mobile phone)

forgot hotmail password 4


 5  You receive the code

After a few seconds, you will receive an email or text message from Microsoft on the alternative address or mobile phone. Write this code of 7 numbers down.

forgot hotmail password 5


 6  Fill in code

Type the verification code that you’ve written down in step 5.

forgot hotmail password 6

 7  Reset your password

Type the new password that you want 2 times. Click on Next afterwards.

forgot hotmail password 7


 ✓  Result

You are automatically logged in again. You have now reset your password and recovered your account.

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