Forgot my Facebook password, how to reset it?

Let’s say that I forgot or lost my Facebook password, what can I do then to recover my password and regain access to my account?

Follow along below if you want to reset your Facebook password.

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 1  Recovery page

The first thing we are going to do, is open the Facebook recovery page.

Open Facebook recovery page >


forgot facebook password 1


 2  Identify yourself

We are given 4 options to identify ourselves:

  • Enter the email address linked to your FB account
  • Enter the phone number linked to your FB account
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your full name

forgot facebook password 2


 3  Claim your account

Claim your account by clicking on This is My account next to your username.

forgot facebook password 3


 4  Ask to mail the reset link

We’re going to ask Facebook to email us a link to reset the account.

forgot facebook password 4


 5  Click on reset link

Click directly on the link “Change password”. In the mail we receive from Facebook, we see a 6-digit code that we can use.

forgot facebook password 5


 6  Type new password

Type in the new password that you want to have and click on Continue.

forgot facebook password 6


 ✓  Result

You are automatically logged in again. You have now reset your password and recovered your account.


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