Forgot my Gmail password, how to reset it?

Let’s say that I forgot or lost my Gmail password, what can I do then to recover my password and regain access to my account?

Follow along below if you want to reset your Gmail password.

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 1  Need help?

Go to and when you’re in the login screen, but you don’t know your password, click on “Need help?”

forgot gmail password 1


 2  I don’t know my password > Email address

Indicate the option I don’t know my password and type in the Gmail address you forgot your password from. Then choose Continue.

forgot gmail password 2


 3  Any password you remember?

If you know one of your last passwords, type it in. We suppose in this demo that we forgot everything so we choose I don’t know.

forgot gmail password 3


 4  Recovery methods

Now we see the first recovery methods displayed:

  • A text message to your mobile phone with a verification code
  • A Google bot that automatically calls you with a verification code
  • Don’t have your mobile phone? Click Continue and Google will propose to send a mail to your recovery email address > We choose this option in the demo.

forgot gmail password 4


 5  Mail from Google Password Assistance

You will receive an email from the Google Password Assistance department. You need to click on the link you receive in the email.

forgot gmail password 5


 6  Reset your password

Type the new password that you want 2 times. Click on Change password then. (Choose a password that you haven’t previously used with this account).

forgot gmail password 6


 ✓  Result

You are automatically logged in again. You have now reset your password and recovered your account.

forgot gmail password 7

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